Wordless picture books: How to use them

Journey by Aaron Becker, published by Walker Books LTD

Why are wordless picture books important?

Unleash your child’s imagination with wordless picture books. Do you want them to develop the skills for success? You can do this and much more with them, believe it or not! I have written a guide about how to use them. This has been based on my own research in and out of the classroom. I have also included some must read books below. So make sure to keep on scrolling.

How do you use wordless picture books?

To unleash your child’s imagination

But how do you do this?

Firstly, let children guide you through the picture book and tell you their version of events. Ask open questions. For example, to develop the who, why, where and what of their story. Why the character is at the market. How did they get there? What problems did they face along the way? You should support them in this process. But don’t forget to give them creative freedom!

You are there as a guide. Remember that! It is an opportunity for children to use wordless picture books to tell you their story. Without words to guide them their thoughts and ideas are their own. In fact, you’ll find high quality illustrations will excite, inspire and motivate them.

To develop skills for success

Secondly, it will support the development of higher order thinking skills. Also, a fancy term called visual literacy. You can see a comprehensive outline of visual literacy by the University of Birmingham here.

But what about kids in school? In English lessons, comprehension lessons help children to develop inference skills. However, often it it easier for children to understand what it is by looking at wordless picture books. For example, by looking at the picture they can ‘read’ how the character is feeling.

Blooms Taxonomy – for higher order thinking skills

Similarly, wordless picture books can challenge pupils’ thinking. Evaluating and analysing are proven ways to stretch children. Therefore, question them about what they see and why they see it. Why not ask them to create their own too? For more advice, take a look at the advice for sharing wordless picture books by the Scottish Book Trust.

But make sure to keep scrolling for my recommendations.

Top 5 wordless picture books

Thirdly, here are my top 5. Enjoy!

Flotsam by David Wiesner
Flotsam by David Wiesner, published by Andersen Press
Journey - the first in a trilogy of wordless picture books by Aaron Becker.
Journey (book 1 of trilogy) by Aaron Becker
Quest book 2 of wordless picture book trilogy by Aaron Becker.
Quest (book 2 of trilogy by Aaron Becker)
Return book 3 in the trilogy by Aaron Becker.
Return by Aaron Becker (book 3 of trilogy)
Tuesday by David Wiesner, one of my top 5 wordless picture books.
Tuesday by David Wiesner

Are you looking for books to help promote self-esteem, or maybe diverse picture books? Certainly make sure to take a look at some of my recent posts.

Which wordless picture books would you recommend? Comment below.

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