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Tad by Benji Davies

Book review: Please read all of the information included below

  • I am happy to receive print copies of children’s books. But they need to be suitable for primary aged children (4-11 years old.) Unfortunately, I am no longer accepting PDFs or digital copies.
  • I would particularly like to receive copies of picture books, fiction or non-fiction children’s books or poetry. Please take a look at my recent posts, for example, about the best books with BAME characters.
  • I will only recommend and review books that are in keeping with my vision. In other words, a lot filtering takes place before I select a book that I will review. I reserve the right to not to review a book. Once I have made that decision, it is final.
  • You will need to be patient. For instance, it might take several weeks for the book review to appear, either on the blog or my social media channels. Therefore, it will not necessarily appear on the blog or social media or vice versa.
  • After completing the book reviews, what happens next? I will either donate them to local schools, or charities. Occasionally I might use them for publicity purposes. Please note that I am unable to return copies.

What type of children’s books do I review?

I write about picture books that can be used open up discussions about tricky themes and topics. For example, bereavement, self-esteem and worry and many others. Parents can use the books and questions to open up such conversations.

On the other hand, I also want it to be used as a resource to promote a love of reading. Each book is selected, reviewed and read by me (you can find out more about me here). I will not recommend a book

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Finally, I am open to discussing guest blogging, book tours and other ideas that you might have. You can contact me at or by this contact form.

Or visit my shop front at to see the type of books I recommend.

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