Body positivity books that kids must read

Looking for some body positivity books for kids? That encourage children to love the skin they are in? No matter their size or shape? Read below to find out more about the best books.

Why is having a positive body image important?

As a primary teacher, I have seen a worrying decline in positive body image. Did you know that this week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week? People with a negative body image have a greater likelihood of developing an eating disorder.

But is isn’t as simple as that! In fact, research suggests that there is “no single reason why someone develops an eating disorder.” [BEAT] But a positive body image from a young age certainly can’t hurt!

Best children’s books about body confidence

Her Body Can by Katie Crenshaw and Ady Meschke, illustrated by Li Liu

‘Her Body Can’ is a celebration of our bodies. It is about all of the wonderful things they can do. This is regardless of their shape or size!

The language is simple but beautifully lyrical. The lilting rhythm adds to the positive feel of this book.

How did this book come about?

Did you know that Ady Meschke and Katie Crenshaw blog about body positivity? They realised that there weren’t many books about body positivity. So, they decided to create their own.

Body Positivity: Stretch marks

My Mum’s a Tiger by Kate Claxton and Angela Mayer

Stretch marks? How do you see them? In this charming book, a little girl will tell anyone who will listen that her mum is a tiger.

Why would her mum be a tiger though? She doesn’t live in the jungle. Her mum certainly isn’t a carnivore. So why is it?

You guessed it. Her mother has ‘stripes.’ Her daughter loves her mother’s stripes. But also comes to realise that maybe parts of her own body (that she doesn’t like very much) make her special too. I have posted book recommendations to help build self-esteem too.

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Body positivity books: Addressing the problem

Hopefully you have enjoyed the books that I have mentioned above. However, there are two problems that I need to address.

Firstly, I struggled to find high quality body positivity books for kids. A number of the other books that I have read have been outdated.

Secondly, I have not yet found any that focus on boys or men. Young boys need to be supported and this is something recognised by eating disorder charities and universities. Fortunately, there are programmes such as Hungry for Words, which I have included below. Along with further support.

If you have enjoyed my post, please check out some of my others. For example, bedtime stories to read, as well as LGBT picture books and BAME characters.

Eating Disorder Support

Hungry for Words: Creative approaches to start the conversation about eating disorders in men

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