Sex education book for kids: Making A Baby

Looking for a book about puberty, a sex education book, or a book about relationships for kids? Relationships and sex education are part of the National Curriculum. However, I also think it is important that parents have open conversations about it with their children. So, I have included a book recommendation and some accompanying questions. Please check you are happy with the contents prior to showing it to your children.

Making a Baby by Rachel Greener and Clare Owen

A book about puberty for boys and girls

Firstly, I would argue that it is a body positive book. It introduces children to their anatomy from testicles, to the vulva to the urethra. The function of the breasts and internal sexual organs are also explained.

Secondly, It teaches children about the changes that their bodies will go through during puberty. The illustrations accurately depict the human body and it does not shy away from this. Would you rather that children were misinformed by their friends or in the playground?

Sex education book for kids, baby making

After describing our bodies it moves onto baby making. One of the wonders of this sex education book for kids, is how inclusive it is. Whilst it does explore sex between a man and a woman, it also explores IVF, surrogacy and adoption and different families. What about twins? Why do some families have twins? This book even includes this answer.

Not every woman gives birth in the same way. From vaginal to caesarean, from water births, births with a midwife to birthing alone. It really is a comprehensive guide and answers many questions children might ask.

However, it also asks and answers the following:

  • What is a person’s sex?
  • Why do some babies not grow?
  • What happens when a baby is born too soon?

Some question prompts

As I mentioned before, it can be difficult to discuss sex education, our bodies and puberty with kids. Hopefully some of these questions will be useful to you.

  • How do our bodies change during puberty?
  • What is consent and why is it important?
  • What is IVF? Also, why do some families need IVF?
  • What different ways can a single sex family start a family?
  • Why and how are twins formed?
  • What is the function of breasts?

It could also be worth discussing consent in more depth, birth control and sex for pleasure, as well as gender. But you can use your own judgement there.

It is without a doubt one of the best books about puberty and sex education that I have ever come across.

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