Author Q&A or features: Get involved

Welcome to you lovely authors out there! If you would like to send me a book, please see my review policy. I am looking for to start an author Q&A section on my website. So, please keep reading to find out how you can get involved.

What will the author Q &A involve?

  • Correspondence will either be via email or recorded video call, depending on your preferences.
  • However, I will only publish the post if we are both happy with the contents.
  • Minor adjustments might be made. But I will check that you are happy prior to publishing it.
  • The post can be removed at any time, by either party (with sufficient notice)
  • I will need to read the book, prior to committing.
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The types of questions I will ask for the author Q&A?

  • About you – How did you become an author? ( If you want to know a bit more about me, check out the link.)
  • Books you have written and what inspired you on your writing journey.
  • How your book opens up important or difficult conversations with kids.
  • If you have children how lockdown has impacted them.
  • Future projects
  • Favourite books of the moment – children’s/ YA/ adult books.

What else would I need from you for the author question and answer post?

  • A recent headshot
  • A couple of photos of your completed work – either taken by you or by me.
  • If there are other photographs that you would like to include then please let me know.
  • Ideally, I would like to be able to link to your website/ an independent bookseller.

What types of books do I include on my blog/ Instagram?

I like to include books that support children’s mental health and wellbeing and open up tricky topics for discussion. You can see some of the books I have reviewed in the images below, either on my blog or on Instagram.

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You can also see the type of books that I like on my instagram account, where I publish daily recommendations. Some of my recent posts on the blog have been children’s books to build resilience and books to help improve their self-esteem.

So, If you are interested and would like to get involved in the author Q&A, or have any questions, please email me on Or via the contact form below. I will try to get back to you within 48 hours.

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