Mindfulness books for kids: Teacher recommended titles

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? As a trained Paws.B teacher, I have seen how mindfulness can benefit children. It has also been a huge help to me in times of stress. So, I thought I would create a list of mindfulness books for kids. I have also included some useful resources at the bottom of this article.

Top 5 Mindfulness books for kids

Arlo The Lion who Couldn’t Sleep by Catherine Rayner
A peek inside Arlo the lion who couldn’t sleep by Catherine Rayner

What is the book about?

Arlo can’t sleep. He lies awake at night and wonders if he will ever be able to fall asleep again. He thinks that he is the only creature awake but he isn’t. A friendly owl comes along and teaches him how to stay present. This wonderful book for kids is very mindful and encourages children to be present and aware of the world around them. The lilting sing song words mean that it will have you and your children yawning, whilst enjoying a beautiful story.

It was recently shortlisted for the Carnegie and Kate Greenway Medal 2021.

Elmer’s Walk by David McKee

How is Elmer’s Walk a mindfulness book for kids? What is the book about?

All the animals are in a hurry! But unlike the other animals, Elmer is not rushing. He loves the scent of the beautiful flowers, marvelling at crocodile shaped log and listening to the waterfall. Will Elmer remain alone being present in the beauty of the word?

This wonderful book with the much loved Elmer is a joy to read. At the same time, a celebration of mindfulness and being present. The illustrations are as stunning as you’ll remember!

Breathe Like a Bear by Kira Willey and Anni Betts

What is Breathe like a Bear about? How does it encourage children to be present?

Breathe like a Bear is a fantastic book to dip in and out of. Through this mindfulness book for kids, children will learn practical exercises that are fun but also help them to stay present. From holding a hot chocolate, to having a flower breath to thinking about their favourite colour. This picture book has an exercise which will suit every child. Let them choose their favourites!

Crab &Whale by Mark Pallis and Christiane Kerr, illustrated by James Cottell

What does a story about a crab and a whale have to do with mindfulness?

Crab likes to be mindful. So when a whale is stranded onshore and he can’t return him to the sea, he teaches the whale ways to stay present. From blowing out a deep breath to looking at the clouds, and listening to the waves. A great story about helping others but also how being present and mindful can keep us calm. Make sure to check out my booklist about friendship and being kind to others.

Happy: A Children’s Book of Mindfulness by Nicola Edwards and Katie Hickey

What is ‘Happy’ about?

Happy gently introduces readers to mindfulness. It is a book for kids that encourages them to notice the world around them, from listening to the rustling sounds of leaves, to discovering curious treasures, to really tasting the food that we eat. It is a picture book that is useful to children and parents alike.

Free Mindfulness resources (aside from books)

Importantly, if you are concerned about your child (at all), I would always recommend contacting your GP and using resources such as Young Minds for support.

Insight Timer App

Cosmic Yoga/ Cosmic Kids Zen Den – lots of these are available for free on Youtube

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life, Mindful Magazine

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