Rodney Meadow Hopper: A book about invisible illnesses

Invisible illnesses exist. But they are not really addressed in children’s books. It can be a lonely place if you suffer. Also, challenging to understand WHY someone won’t play with others when they look completely healthy. Rodney Meadow Hopper, The Hare who Didn’t Care (but he did really) is one of the few that I have come across. So, please keep reading to find out more.

Rodney Meadow-Hopper by Gail Crampton illustrated by Megan Pugh (photo taken by Gail Crampton)

What is Rodney Meadow-Hopper about?

Rodney has an illness. One which means that he often won’t play with his friends. Also, he pretends not to care. When he does join in, he gets tired quickly and can’t keep up. But no one knows about his illness until the day he decides to tell them. How will they react?

Photo of a page from inside the book. Sent to me by Gail Crampton

What I like about Rodney Meadow-Hopper

We never find out what Rodney’s illness is. I like that this is the case. Really, in all honesty, what does it matter WHAT it is. The focus is not the illness itself but how it impacts his life and friendships.

Gail wrote this book, following her daughter’s chronic and invisible illness. As someone who has also witnessed others suffer with invisible chronic illnesses, I feel like it is certainly needed.

I like the illustrator’s use of colour. How the colour changes, dependent on Rodney’s mood. From darker colours, to rainbows.

The author Gail Crampton and her book. Photo sent to me by Gail.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Rodney Meadow-Hopper, the Hare who Didn’t Care (but he did really) , please contact Gail directly.

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