Sarah Mahfoudh Q&A

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Mahfoudh. She is the author and illustrator of Can-do Kat and Twelve Dancing Princesses. Although she also writes YA fiction, we focussed on her children’s books.

During our chat, Sarah spoke about why she wrote the books, her writing process and who she writes them for. On her website, Can Do Kids, you can find out more.

Video Q&A with Sarah and I

Sarah Mahfoudh books and business card

What did I think of Sarah Mahfoudh’s books?

I really enjoyed reading Sarah’s books. Can-Do-Kat, in particular resonates with me. It is a story about a girl who keeps on being told that she can’t do things. They think that she is too small, or too shy. But Kat has other ideas! She is determined to prove them wrong.

I think it is a really important narrative. An empowering story, that encourages us all to see beyond what others can sometimes think of us. A great way to talk about confidence with children.

If you would like to buy any of Sarah Mahfoudh’s books you can check them out on Etsy.

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