The Longest Strongest Thread by Inbal Leitner

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My initial impressions of The Longest Strongest Thread

I really enjoyed The Longest Strongest Thread *. The idea is simple but the meaning is powerful. Moving away from friends and loved ones will often happen in our lives. But children can find it more difficult to understand.

What is the story about?

A little girl is moving to a new home. Her suitcase is heavy and she is moving far away from her Grandma. Her Grandma isn’t moving with them, but is staying where it is warm and where she has her sewing studio. The little girl loves her Grandma and her studio and is upset to be moving away.

Therefore, this book is a great way to talk about family members who move away. Together they choose some fabric. The little girl draws a map so that her Grandma can always find her.

What about the illustrations?

This book is poignant and beautifully illustrated. The emotions of the characters have really been captured in the illustrations.

About the author, Inbal Leitner

Inbal Leitner graduated from the Children’s Book Illustration course at Cambridge School of Art in 2018. Prior to her career as an illustrator, she worked as an animator. You can see the collection of books she has worked on if you follow the link.

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*This book was sent to me for free by Scallywag Press, in exchange for an honest review. I make it clear to all publishers that I will only review books that I actually like!

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