Jungle Jamboree: A must read

Jungle Jamboree is a book about beauty and what defines it. Each of the animals wants to be the most beautiful animal in the jungle. But through the story, they come to realise their own natural beauty. The illustrations in this book are stunning. So, it is an all round winner for a library, a school bookshelf or just one to read at bedtime!

alt = "Jungle Jamboree" a children's book about beauty and what it means.
Jungle Jamboree by Jo Empson

What is Jungle Jamboree about?

It is set in a jungle, where we meet lots of animals. From leopards, to lions to hippos. Each of them decides that they can’t be crowned the most beautiful in the forest. The hippo thinks his bottom is too big, the leopard thinks he is too spotty etc. Therefore, it is a good way to open up conversations with children about body positivity.

For example:

  1. Why do you think each of the animals wants to be the most beautiful? What do you think the moral of the story is? How do they try and change themselves? What does it mean to be beautiful? etc
A sneak peek into Jungle Jamboree

Each of the animals decide to find things in the forest to make themselves ‘more beautiful.’ But will these make them more beautiful or feel better inside?

A book that challenges the idea of beauty and encourages self-acceptance

Without giving away too much, this story will help children to understand natural ‘beauty.’ I would have liked a little bit more of a focus on their internal beauty. But it is an enjoyable read, with breathtaking illustrations and use of colour. It will make children laugh too!

Another look inside the book

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