The Seed of Doubt (a review)

The Seed of Doubt is a beautiful story about resilience, self-doubt and the importance of dreaming. The little boy in this story, thinks of a world beyond where he lives. A world where mountain ranges rose sharp through clouds, oceans of hidden depths and cities filled with the tallest skyscrapers. But a seed of doubt starts to grow in his mind. So, what happens to his dreams?

The Seed of Doubt by Irena Brignull and illustrated by Richard Jones

This book is beautifully illustrated. I first came across it at Mr Bs Emporium in Bath. I had to stop and take a look and it didn’t disappoint! It has also featured in my recent book boxes.

A beautiful double page spread where the boy talks about dreams with his Dad

I think this book is important because it talks about dreams. Although they might at times seem far away, they are always there if we look close enough. The boy is excited to explore the snow- capped mountain ranges and the vast cities and oceans.

Although this is a book about resilience, it certainly talks about doubts too. Without a doubt it is an important discussion to have with children. Sometimes, they only see the successes of others and not the challenge and resilience that they needed to get there!

The Seed of Doubt – double page spread

Overall, I think The Seed of Doubt is a wonderful book. It will be enjoyed by parents, children and teachers. It would be a useful book to read children in assemblies and a great way to open up discussions about fears, self-esteem, resilience and aiming high.

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