Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann: A review

alt= Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann published by Flying Eye Books.
Leaf by Sandra Dieckman

Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann is a beautiful book. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover but in this case it was what first captured my attention! Aside from the stunning illustrations this book has an important message.

What is Leaf about?

It follows a polar bear, who animals in the forest call Leaf (because of the colourful leaves he seems to collect.) They don’t speak to him, as they are afraid of his teeth and think he is destructive. But not all animals think the same fortunately.

Leaf has ended up far away from his home as the ice caps have melted. Will the animals put aside their ideas about him and help him?

My thoughts on the book

I really liked this book because I think it is a good way to chat to children about differences, for example, between people and how this should be celebrated. I really enjoyed the fact that not all of the animals thought the same as each other. It also has an important tale about our impact on the natural world. But it isn’t preachy in the slightest!

How could Leaf be used in lessons?

The text is simple but effective. I think probably good as an end of the day story or maybe a PSHE lesson, rather than a deep analysis text.

Want to find out more about Sandra Dieckmann or the publisher?

Click to find out more about the author. Or visit Flying Eye Books here to see more of their titles. This post isn’t sponsored at all, so all thoughts are my own!

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