Books for British Science Week

As British Science Week is quickly approaching, I thought I’d include some book recommendations for children here. This list is different from the one that I wrote last year and which you can check out here. I have focussed on books about evolution, the human body and habitats!

alt= Books for British Science Week 
Ocean by Helene Druvert and Emmanuelle Grundmann
Ocean by Emmanuelle Grundmann and Helene Druvert

This is an absolutely stunning reference book. It is a perfect book to get children excited about habitats this British Science Week. Hidden behind flaps are a treasure trove of images that let you into the hidden depths of the ocean and coral reefs!

Inside the book Ocean published by Thames Hudson

Now, for quite a different book but still focussing on the natural world! My next choice is Evolution (an illustrated guide to evolution.) It does exactly what it says on the tin. It goes through adaptations such as feathers and eyes and how these have helped the animal kingdom. Again, another visually stunning book for Science Week, which will definitely get children excited!

Evolved, An Illustrated Guide to Evolution

My last choice for British Science Week is a reference book for the library. Probably best suited to slightly older teenagers than the other two. It is one of a series and it is all about the human anatomy. There are variations of this book though for fungai etc. There is a lot of detailed information and detailed drawings.

alt= Books for British Science Week
Anatonmicum by Katy Wiedemann and Jennifer Z Paxton
Anatomicum by Katy Wiedemann and Jennifer Z Paxton

If you’d like to take a look at the recommendations I made for science week last year then make sure to check them out.

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