Lost in the Clouds: A book about death for kids

No one really wants to have to talk to children about death. But sadly it is a fact of life and one that can be difficult to escape. The book I’m going to write about which is called Lost in the Clouds would be suitable for children Year 6 and over.

What is the plot of Lost in the Clouds?

The book explores how Billy and his Dad cope with the grief of losing their mother and wife. It will gently help children to understand how they are not really alone. Also, to get to grips with how others might feel.

In Lost in the Clouds, Billy looks to the clouds so he can feel like his mum is with him. Sometimes the clouds are used for a metaphor about how Billy is feeling. When he wants to talk to his mum but the “howling rain and thunderous rumbles” mean that he has to shout.

On some days, Billy feels bright and him and his father would play in the garden. However, what I like about this book is it also shows the vulnerability and sadness of his Dad. When there are days when his “Daddy would be quiet and his eyes would look red and sore.”

One day Billy decides that he wants to climb out to the clouds so he could talk to his mum. This opens up an important conversation between father and son. How they both miss her but also that he can always talk to her.

Things I like about this book

The word death is used and it doesn’t try to sugarcoat the experience.

There are lots of different emotions of Billy and his father explored throughout the book from happiness to sadness to grief.

Their father son relationship is also described in a positive way.

Please do read it first before sharing it, as every child will react differently.

(The book is written by Tom Tinn-Disbury and published by Dorling Kindersley)

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