What will you dream of tonight ? A review

What is the book about?

What will you dream of tonight is an ideal bedtime story. It is all about childrens’ imagination and how in dreams anything is possible. It’s also perfect for children who might be a bit scared at night time! Basically, the story talks about adventures that dreams can take you on. But emphasises the fact that children are actually safe.

In the book, you are taken on a journey through dreams, from soaring to the moon in a midnight balloon, to sailing on the tale of a whale. The story takes you to the Artic lights as well as a treasure filled dragon lair! But despite all of this, the book reminds children that they are tucked up in bed and are safe. So even though they get to travel on adventures in their dreams, they know there is nothing to fear.

It is a very lyrical story, designed to be read aloud. It really sounds like a lullaby! There is also plenty of lilting rhyme. Again, another reason that it is perfect for bedtime. Your eyes will be drooping too, trust me!

What are the illustrations like in What will you dream of tonight?

The magic of the story is reflected in the beauty of the illustrations. Each page is rich in colour and an absolute visual masterpiece. The book was illustrated by Anuska Allepuz, check out more of her work here. I’ll also pop some more images below!

alt=What do you dream of tonight ?

Are there other books that you would recommend for bedtime?

Yes, I have a few on the blog, which would be worth checking out. For example, Bedtime stories to read: National Storytelling Week or Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann: A review.

Do you have other ones that you’d recommend? Make sure to leave me a comment below.

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