Kites by Simon Mole and Oamul Lu: A review

alt= Kites by Simon Mole and Oamul Lu

What is ‘Kites’ about?

Kites is a book about a little boy called David who moves somewhere new. Nothing seems to look quite right in his house and even the bookshelves are described as lonely!

In the sky, there are lots of kites and everyone else seems to have one, David does not. So, he decides to make his own. He thinks about his Grandpa and how he always told him to have a look and see what he already had. So that’s what he does to make his very own kite – even taking a toy dinosaur’s tail.

The first time he tries, it doesn’t quite go to plan. But luckily David makes some friends along the way! They help him to make it better and better. Soon, he sees his kite flying in the sky with the others!

Why is Kites a great book to read with children?

Whether it be moving to a new place or to a new school, changes can be daunting. This book is a lovely way to talk about how it can take a bit of time to settle into a new home, or somewhere like a new school with children.

It’s also a good way to talk to children about how they can make things from what they already have. Particularly with the cost of living rises at the moment!

alt= Kites by Simon Mole and Oamul Lu

Who is the author and illustrator?

Simon Mole is the author of Kites (and other books such as I love my cat). He is a successful children’s poet and posts a number of interactive poetry videos on Youtube.

The illustrator is Oamul Lu. I absolutely loved the colourful palette and illustrations in this book. I’ll include some photos in this post, so you can get an idea.

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