Bloom by Julia Seal, A Review

alt= Bloom by Julia Seal

Bloom is a beautifully illustrated and poignant book by Julia Seal. The story is about the ocean and how it has started to change. It follows a jelly fish Luna, who likes to explore and share stories with her friends about what she has seen. But lately, Luna and the other animals in the ocean have started to notice things have started to change.

Some creatures are finding new shells, others are finding that it is getting warm whilst others are trying to eat new things. So, when Luna returns from her adventure the next time, all of her friends have gone. Instead she finds strange looking fish, who don’t speak. But before too long she does find some jellyfish and together they decide to tackle the problem.

What did you enjoy about Bloom?

I absolutely adore the illustrations in this book! The vibrant colours really do bring it to life. I know that you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover but it is what initially drew me to this book. For me, it is the illustrations which really make it stand out!

The message of the book is important and gently explains the human impact on the natural world. I would say that it is suitable for very young children probably of a pre-school age. So, could be used by parents to open up discussions about our impact on the environment.

Who is the author/ illustrator of this book?

Julia Seal is the author and illustrator of this book. From a very young age she knew that she wanted to ‘draw pictures’ for a living. In a recent interview with CLPE, she explained that she had seen a headline where it said that there were more  “more masks than jellyfish.” This was the inspiration behind the book. As you read the book you will see drawings of masks and jellyfish side by side.

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