Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies

alt=Grandad's Island by Benji Davies

Grandad’s Island is about a little boy called Syd. His Grandad lives really close by. Syd loves going to visit him!

One day though he goes to his house and doesn’t find him in any of the usual places. But hidden in the attic behind a sheet is a trap door.

Syd and his Grandad go on an adventure on a ship! They then end up on a beautiful island with a jungle and explore the whole island… But Grandad decides to stay on the island.

alt = Grandad's Island

What did you like about Grandad’s Island?

Grandad’s Island gently explores loss and could help some children to have some understanding when someone is no longer around. For example, thinking about how Syd might feel about his Grandad staying on the island.

Equally so it’s a lovely standalone story and many children won’t think about the story in this way. They will just enjoy the story of Syd and his Grandad going on a journey and the animal illustrations along the way!

This is one of my absolute favourite books because it is such a lovely heartwarming story. Benji Davies‘ illustrations are vivid, colourful and fun. He’s also written other great books like Tad!

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