Howl’s Moving Castle: A review

Howl’s Moving Castle

I absolutely loved Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. Think magic, defying the odds and adventure! This is a really great book which follows a girl called Sophie. As the eldest, she believes her fate is sealed. To never make anything of herself. She will stay in the shop and be forgotten about. But a curse by the Witch of Waste changes her life.

Sophie travels to Howl’s Moving Castle. Howl is a wizard, known for eating the hearts of young girls! But when Sophie meets Howl and inhabitants of the castle, she finds that everything is not as it seems.

This book is perfect for any child who loves stories about spells and adventure. It would be ideal for children in upper Key Stage 2. Who are maybe looking to read more advanced books but where you want to make sure it’s suitable.

The strength of this book is the way that Diana created interesting and multi-dimensional characters. It’s very much a book where I could empathise with characters and a minute later want to roll my eyes at them. Along the way, you’ll meet scarecrows, royalty and even a few transforming humans!

An enjoyable book for children, teenagers and adults alike. Probably one of my favourite middle grade books in recent years.

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