The Valley of Lost Secrets

The Valley of Lost Secrets by Lesley Parr

I really enjoyed reading The Valley of Lost Secrets by Lesley Parr. It is set in 1939 and follows Jimmy, his brother and his classmates who are evacuated from London to village in Wales. But when he gets he finds a skull in the hollow of a tree. Who is it and how did they get there?

Aside from the mystery of the skull, she raises lots of questions about the characters. Why for example, lots of people dislike Mr Thomas, why Florence is different in Wales and who is stealing money from the village.

One of the strengths of the book is the characters. They are really relatable, believable and well rounded. I really liked the unlikely friendships, how misconceptions are challenged and how Jimmy changes throughout the course of the book. Ronnie in particular is a brilliant character who children will love.

The Valley of Lost Secrets is well worth a read. Parents, teachers and children alike will feel like they’ve been transported to from the pages of the book to the little village in Wales in 1939, sitting alongside the characters.

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