Peril on the Atlantic: a book review

Peril on the Atlantic a middle grade book by A.M. Howell

Peril on the Atlantic is a fantastic middle grade mystery story. It follows Alice who goes onboard the Queen Mary. When she witnesses an attempted murder, she has to get to the bottom of who and why they were trying to kill Joseph. Together with members of the crew (and fellow passengers), who become her friends, can she solve the mystery?

At every turn in this book a new mystery appears or is unveiled. From where did the gold come from, to why Alice’s father has luggage in storage to who can they trust?

The main character is Alice, who is sent to the ship that her father captains. She is told to stay in certain areas but of course, decides to break the rules and find her own adventure.

What makes Peril on the Atlantic special?

It makes references to the Titanic in the book. You do feel like you have been transported back in time to a ship like the Titanic. A.M. Howell conjures a lot of atmosphere onboard the ship.

Who would I recommend this book to?

Any children who like mystery stories, including ones such as a Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens will like this book.

I’d highly recommend you add it to your collection, if you haven’t read it already.

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