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Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies

Grandad’s Island is about a little boy called Syd. His Grandad lives really close by. Syd loves going to visit him! One day though he goes to his house and doesn’t find him in any of the usual places. But hidden in the attic behind a sheet is a trap door. Syd and his Grandad…

Bloom by Julia Seal, A Review

Bloom is a beautifully illustrated and poignant book by Julia Seal. The story is about the ocean and how it has started to change. It follows a jelly fish Luna, who likes to explore and share stories with her friends about what she has seen. But lately, Luna and the other animals in the ocean…

Kites by Simon Mole and Oamul Lu: A review

What is ‘Kites’ about? Kites is a book about a little boy called David who moves somewhere new. Nothing seems to look quite right in his house and even the bookshelves are described as lonely! In the sky, there are lots of kites and everyone else seems to have one, David does not. So, he…

What will you dream of tonight ? A review

What is the book about? What will you dream of tonight is an ideal bedtime story. It is all about childrens’ imagination and how in dreams anything is possible. It’s also perfect for children who might be a bit scared at night time! Basically, the story talks about adventures that dreams can take you on….


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