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What will you dream of tonight ? A review

What is the book about? What will you dream of tonight is an ideal bedtime story. It is all about childrens’ imagination and how in dreams anything is possible. It’s also perfect for children who might be a bit scared at night time! Basically, the story talks about adventures that dreams can take you on….

Lost in the Clouds: A book about death for kids

No one really wants to have to talk to children about death. But sadly it is a fact of life and one that can be difficult to escape. The book I’m going to write about which is called Lost in the Clouds would be suitable for children Year 6 and over. What is the plot…

Books for British Science Week

As British Science Week is quickly approaching, I thought I’d include some book recommendations for children here. This list is different from the one that I wrote last year and which you can check out here. I have focussed on books about evolution, the human body and habitats! This is an absolutely stunning reference book….

World Book Day Reads

As World Book Day is just around the corner, I thought I’d share my World Book Day Reads with you. I’ve read lots of different ones over the years and I hope that this will be useful to you. So, in no particular order… Also make sure to check out my World Book Day list…


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